In 2012 Jager had an internship as an animator at the short film Aurora that was directed by Aimee de Jongh, produced by Mooves and subsidized by the Dutch Film Fund and Pathé cinemas regarding the initiative Ultrakort. Ultrakort is a yearly returning funding project where every summer four short films are chosen to be played before blockbuster films in all the Pathé cinemas in the Netherlands and are given a fund to create a 2 minute animation.

Aurora tells a story of a young woman who flees for the Witte Wieven (mythical creatures/ghosts known in the Netherlands), but as she reaches her destiny, nothing is what it seems.

Jager focused on the animation of the tree and did additional animations and coloring.

Director: Aimée de Jongh
Director-assistant: Remco Polman
Production: Mooves
Scenario: Jantiene de Kroon
Storyboard and animatic: Aimée de Jongh
Animation and coloring: Aimée de Jongh, Remco Polman, Julia Jager, Bram Donders, Junaid Chundrigar, Sophie Olga de Jong
Music composition: Frans Wentholt
Mix music: Sound Vision Studios
Foley: Jeroen Nadorp
Endmix and voice-over: Bob Kommer Studio’s