In the beginning of 2014 Jager animation and illustration worked on the design and the 3D animation of the monstrous pike that resides in the river the Maas, in the story of ‘Dorp aan de Rivier’ (Village near the Riverside).
The story speaks of a myth about an 800 year old fish, which was so big that if he jumped over the dijk, the water level would drop by a few metres. When he breathed underwater there would be big waves.
For the theatre production of Dorp aan de Rivier, Jager was asked to make an illusion of the beast jumping out of the water. To amplify the illusion of a real fish, the 3D animation was projected on a big watershield by a beamer.
In June was the big showdown. ‘Dorp aan de Rivier’ had over 4500 visitors in one week and the pike had his own 1,5 minutes of fame during the show.