Jager’s first short animated film, Kleurrijk Wit / Colourful White.

“Colourful White is a story about a young girl. She starts a search to who she really is in a very peculiar fashion.
She lives in a village full of colored houses, yet her own house is white.
After a thorough examination she decides to make a change. What color will it be? Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue or Green?
Will she be able to make a choice and listen to herself?”

Colourful White, or Kleurrijk Wit in Dutch was Jager’s graduation film. She worked 8 months on the story, design, illustrations and animations during her last months at school.
Colourful White has been viewed on the Netherlands Film Festival, Milano Film Festival, Ficil Bio Bio in Chile, International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival in Croatia and AniFestROZAFA Film Festival in Albany.

Director: Julia Jager
Sound: Toon Habraken
Foly: Joao Costa and Gijs van Amelsvoort
Animation: Julia Jager
Animation assistent: Asya Golubjatnikova