Julia was born on October 2nd, 1990 in a small village called Lith (also called Village near the Riverside being situated near the river the Maas),
in the Netherlands. Being part of an artistic family, the apple didn't fall far from the tree..

She drew a lot from a young age and during secondary school this thought came popping in, “What if I could bring my drawings to life?”. Julia attended the school of fine arts and design AKV St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands, where she specialized in 2D and 3D animation. Her first animated film, Kleurrijk Wit (English title, Colourful White) was shown on several international film festivals among them the Netherlands Film Festival and Milan Film Festival.

Julia is a freelance illustrator and (art-)director in animation and works as an animator/illustrator at a publisher in education. When she's not drawing or animating, she enjoys singing, playing the violin, theatre, movies and traveling.


Personal Info

  • +31 (0)6 44 57 17 35
  • Speelhuislaan 171, Breda


"I got to know Julia during the development of an important illustration gift, for a select group of people (entrepreneurs). Julia is very creative, thinks along with the client, asks clear and specific questions and gives the client a clear view of the development proces. She communicates timely if there are unexpected changes, so there is room to consider alternative scenarios. In short, a creative talent with good organizational and communication skills!"
- Ria Hilhorst, Chairman Local/Regional Labor Market Policy FNV, South-East Netherlands

"Julia has designed a number of characters and detailed rooms of a theater for Blink's educational program Kazoo, which we are very happy with. The collaboration proceeded nicely. Julia explains in detail how she works, so you know exactly what to expect. In the final design Julia also had a high quality in mind, and she was very detailed and precise in her working process. This is clearly reflected in the end result!"
- Coen Doesborg, staffmember digital projects at Blink Education